15 essentials every man should have

1.Tailored Suit

As a matter of both utility and principle, every man needs at least one suit in his closet. But do it right. Make sure the suit is tailored to fit your body and show off the hard work you’ve done in the gym, and in the kitchen. Go for a neutral color, like navy, grey or black.

2. Brown and Black Dress Shoes

A nice pair of shoes can upgrade any outfit. If you’re going to choose one, go with a brown pair that you can mix in with any look. In terms of style, an oxford loafer is like the universal shoe for your wardrobe. They work with jeans, khakis, and slacks


5. Shoe polish
You wash, dry, dry-clean, and iron your clothes. Are you giving your shoes the same attention? Because the same principle applies: A little effort goes a long way.

6. A sports jacket
A sports jacket or blazer can upgrade just about any outfit. Whether you’re wearing a T-shirt and jeans or a dress shirt and pants, a sports jacket will stamp some maturity on it.


7. Cologne
Here’s something you already know: Women like a man who smells good. If you’re just starting out picking a fragrance, find one scent you like. Then build on that. Just don’t bathe in it. Spray a little on your chest and the base of your throat.


8. A wallet
We’re all too old now to just shove things in our pockets. Just remember, this isn’t your father’s giant, bulging leather wallet that protrudes from his back pocket. Go for a thinner version or use a simple card holder.

9. travel bag
You’ve graduated from backpacks and gym bags. Toss your things into a more respectable carrying case that’s perfect for a weekend getaway or business trip.


10. A nice watch
Yes, you could check the time on your cell phone or your tablet, or your laptop or the positioning of the sun. But a nice watch says a lot about your taste. Consider it the grandfather of all accessories.


11. A grooming kit
Unless you have a live-in barber, consider this an essential tool kit for your face.

12. A passport
It’s your bus pass to see the world. Get a passport. Get some stamps in it. The world is waiting!


13. A toolbox
We’re not saying that you should become Bob the Handyman, but you should have easy access to a hammer, wrench, and screwdriver at all times.

14. sunglasses
Find a pair that compliments your face. Aviators and wayfarers are safe bets if you’re looking to add a little flair.


15. Smartphone

Keep up with the world. Be in the know about current affairs and what will the future look like. Just don’t invest in the bullshit we see online on a daily basis.


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