8 Men’s Fashion Tips to Keep for 2017

Thanks to Fashionbeans we were able to keep you update with the latest fashion trends that are making rounds and fashion trends you should keep in 2017.

With a constant drip of new-ins and new-outs, it can be hard on both your wallet and your wardrobe to be constantly playing catch up on the latest collections.

Luckily, this season sees some of 2016’s biggest trends spill over into 2017. So as well as breaking down what you should be holding on to in order to nail the key looks, we caught up with some industry’s top insiders to get the styling tips that’ll maximise the wears of last year’s investments.

Retro Sportswear

Unless you’ve been living under a soundproof rock  you will already know that sportswear has been one of the biggest risers in menswear over the past couple of seasons.

Last year’s retro take on athleisure was a 1980s affair, but for 2017 expect brands and retailers to go even further back in time to the 1970s. That’s not to say you need to start again, though. Like most staples, pieces in subdued colourways will last the course, and anything that looks like it’s from The Royal Tenenbaums is for the keep pile.

How To Wear

“Key pieces include matching two-piece tracksuits, zip-up nylon jumpers and drawstring trousers, as well as burnt orange or tobacco brown chevron prints, in luxury fabrics with careful attention to detail. Top this look off with a vintage leather bomber for the ultimate 1970s sartorial statement.”
Olie Arnold, Mr Porter style director.

Men's Retro Sportswear Outfit Inspiration Lookbook

boohoo ss16 new look ss17 reiss ss17 urban outfitters 2017

Men's Retro Sportswear

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Checks have been a constant part of the male wardrobe for centuries. However, that didn’t stop tartan being one of the most surprising comeback trends of 2016.

Although a plaid shirt or Prince of Wales check blazer will always be a sound investment, this year will see designers apply checks to everything from knitwear and T-shirts to trousers and bomber jackets. So if you went big in 2016, great. Even better if what you have is in a muted grey or neutral (see below) shade.

How To Wear

“Checks started off as quite subtle and have moved on to be bolder as guys have become more confident when wearing them. On suits, the trend for a classic Prince of Wales check has now developed to a tonal windowpane.”
Alex Field,
Reiss head of menswear design.

Men's Checked Pieces Outfit Inspiration Lookbook

next ss17 bershka 2017 next ss16 brooks brothers 2016

Men's Checked Clothing



Neutrals have long been deployed by men as a way of anchoring other, more vibrant pieces. However, 2016 was the year we learned to go top-to-toe tonal with our subtler shades. Which means your wardrobe should already be fully stocked with the pieces you need to pull off this key 2017 look.

Don’t just carry on doing the same old outfits, though. Learn to layer in different ways and use new styling tricks, such as tucking in a polo shirt or mixing the trend with another, like wide-leg trousers.

How To Wear

“To keep neutrals modern, we incorporated a more relaxed fit and use of technical fabrications within our SS17 collection. Colours have now shifted to earthier tones. Top with saffron yellow and spicy hues for a rich and warm look for spring and summer.”
Delphine Ninous, Belstaff collection creative director.

Men's Neutral Pieces Outfit Inspiration Lookbook

j crew spring 2017 massimo dutti 2017 river island ss17 massimo dutti aw16

Men's Neutral Pieces

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Wide-Leg Trousers

For the past few seasons, looser cuts and shapes – whether that’s on coats, hoodies or, indeed, trousers – have been working their way from the runways to the mainstream. The more relaxed way of dressing, which started to be picked up by brands and retailers in 2016, is set to reach a peak over the next 12 months according to our expert style predictions.

Although the look has been a slow-burner (and no doubt we’ll all get skinny jean withdrawals now and again), if you snapped up a more relaxed fit last year, keep hold of it – the shape has serious staying power.

How To Wear

“The easiest entry into the world of wider fits is with denim. No need to go full Slim Shady though, a straight leg is a good first step. Try a rugged dark selvedge or black jean with a chunky turn-up and brogue boots.

“For something smarter, it’s wise to wear something with weight like a wool-mix. This will gather nicely on your shoe rather than just looking like you’ve got your dad’s trousers on.”
Giles Farnham, River Island Style Studio chief.

Men's Wide-Leg Trousers/Chinos/Jeans Outfit Inspiration Lookbook

j crew aw16 whistles aw16 selected homme ss16 burton ss17

Men's Wide-Leg Trousers/Chinos/Jeans

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Vertical Stripes

Much like checks, it’s hard to remember a time when stripes weren’t in favour. Offering an alternative to the classic Breton stripe, last year’s motifs variegated in both colour and size.

Any investment in deckchair prints is about to pay dividends. Vertical stripes were all over the runways at the recent London Fashion Week Men’s, applied to everything from T-shirts to tailoring.

How To Wear

“Stripes have always been a menswear staple, particularly over the last few seasons. Their popularity stems from their versatility; they really can work for any style, bold or subtle. A classic crew neck T-shirt works under a casual blazer, or for a bolder look try a multi-coloured stripe.”
James Doidge, Marks & Spencer head of menswear design.

Men's Stripes Outfit Inspiration Lookbook

scotch & soda ss17 river island ss17 zara 2016 river island ss17

Men's Striped Clothing

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Refined Athleisure

If you didn’t go for the Harlem Globetrotters look but bought into a more Ryan Gosling approach to athleisure, then hold onto your bombers, because they’re going nowhere.

It’s safe to say the menswear world has been under siege from sportswear for countless years, and with each season, key casual pieces have become more acceptable in all situations.

If our recent guide on how to not look boring at work proved anything, it’s that they can even be used to nail smart-casual without trying too hard.

Team last season’s key athleisure pieces with more tailored touches for a contemporary take on one of 2016’s biggest trends.

How To Wear

“Take your sports knit or sweat and tuck it into your trousers – this subtle styling tool has been seen across the menswear shows and street style snaps. Or modernise a classic suit by wearing a track top underneath. New styling techniques can modernise your look without the need for a wardrobe overhaul.”
Topman design team.

Men's Refined Athleisure/Sports Luxe Outfit Inspiration Lookbook

massimo dutti 2017 de fursac ss17 brunello cucinelli aw17 topman ss17

Men's Sports Luxe Pieces

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Printed T-Shirts

It’s isn’t just with sportswear pieces that we’re heading back in time. Last season’s overload of 1990s nostalgia meant we were all reaching for printed T-shirts. Admit it – you bought some Justin Bieber tour merch, didn’t you?

If your wardrobe now rivals Marty McFly’s, don’t panic. Slogan tees can stay, but keep it fresh by combining them with smarter attire, such as unstructured tailoring or expertly-fitted chinos, rather than layering underneath flannel shirts and distressed denim jackets.

How To Wear

“There’s a strong rave theme emerging in menswear at the moment, which will really begin to take hold later in the summer season. If you want to try a bold print but you’re not quite ready to go full ‘Summer of Love’, opt for something poppy and graphic in a simple grey, white or navy colourway.”
Giles Farnham,
River Island Style Studio chief.

Men's Printed T-Shirts Outfit Inspiration Lookbook

scotch & soda aw16 zara aw16 i love ugly ss16 asos 2017

Men's Printed T-Shirts

AMPLIFIED Johnny Cash Eagle T-Shirt - Click to buy Rich Artwork T-Shirt - Click to buy Black New York scribble print T-shirt - Click to buy

Cuban Collars

If there was one piece we couldn’t move for last year, it was the Cuban collar shirt. Such was the influence of Mr Montana, open necklines ran the gamut from high street to high end. And rightly so – the cut can look extremely sleek and we’re happy to report it’s here to stay.

Hawaiian prints (think Baz Lurman’s Romeo + Juliet) might have calmed down, but if you picked up a muted botanical print or plain Cuban collar shirt, keep hold of it. This year, combine with a leather jacket and some slim-fit jeans for a rock ’n’ roll update of an old-school classic.

How To Wear

“I think Cuban collars are here to stay for a few summers because they’re practical. The best of these shirts come in cotton or linen, so light and airy on a hot day – and flattering. I’ll often recommend these collars on guys with narrow shoulders, because it makes them look broader.”
Millie Rich, Thread stylist.

Men's Cuban Collar Shirts Outfit Inspiration Lookbook

mango man ss16 m&s reiss ss17 burton ss17

Men's Cuban Collar Shirts

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