God is fair, humans aren’t

God is fair( whatever name you call the higher power by), humans aren’t 

Think about it, we are all blessed with all the resources we need to survive. Critical things we take lightly like Oxygen, Well-being, Food and water in order for us to be in the present.

The world is so well designed by the higher powers that the conditions are conducive for every human being to exist.

Not a believer of religion but in the Old Testament God noticed that man was so lonely that he needed a companion… From his rib God formed a women, so that man could have a companion. Once you have a companion a union is easily formed. A fruitful Union produces offspring as to populate the world.

The land is vast, and easily produces food if man plays his part. Sometimes man makes mistakes and harms the same land that feeds him. There’s always repercussions to his actions and negative conditions set. His being might be shaken but God has bestowed knowledge unto him for assistance with no intrusion.

Man then realizes how favorable God is to him. Greed sets in. Now he wants everything for himself. He plots, he sets systems in place. Only he knows it’s a RAT RACE system and he’s not tripping because he happens to be the scientist. He has the cheese and if you co-operate he rewards you with it. Others notice, they want some too. They want to out perform you, it’s now a competition. Competition that turns into war. After all we don’t realize how much we’ve been blessed with.

The system is perpetrating classicism, racism, fascism, sexism, conservatism, xenophobia, homophobia, traditionalists, poverty, the list is endless. Everyone wants to be on top, no one wants to share.

That’s my take. Do share the article with everyone to spark up the conversation.

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