Family Activities to help you connect

Connecting as a family is essential to having a fruitful and healthy relationship. These tips are compiled from Lawrence Cohen, PhD, clinical psychologist and author of Playful Parenting

Family Fun With Food

Play “conversation in a jar.”

keep a container on the dinner table with blank slips of paper, and whenever you think of a cool question, write it down and toss it in. E.g: “what’s something you can do better than your parents?” “If there were a holiday named after you, how would you let people celebrate it?” Use questions in the jar to spark conversation at dinner.

Have a “reading dinner.”

choose a book and read aloud while dinner is being served. If your kids are old enough they can take a turn. “I think the reason my kids at all their vegetables when they were younger is that the rule was, you have to keep eating if I’m going to read!” Says Cohen.

Shake It Up On Weekends

Just serve dinner in the playroom with a picnic setting.

Enjoy Special Food Outing

Have a regular, simple ritual, like going for ice cream after dinner once a week, or walking to the farmers market on Saturday morning.

Cook together As A family

Even the youngest child can help in the kitchen by pouring or stirring. Just remember it’s about the process not getting to the outcome.

Invite Friends To A Monthly Dinner

This is about more than just your family–It’s about connecting with a community of friends. “Having things like that, that sense of community lets kids grow up in a place where they feel safe,” Says Cohen.

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