If Your Heart’s Not In It, Don’t Bother

Ask yourself what do you love? No, I mean what do you really love?

Hard question right? Well, I believe it’s one of the most important questions you need to have an answer to before going out there and facing the world.

If you can answer that question it will make it far more easier for you to understand why you do what you and where you get your energy from to do what you do.

Remember that you are ENERGY and you need to be recharged at times to keep going.

Simple but main factors like;






Can keep you charged up, help you recharge and maintain your energy levels.

Most of us find ourselves in jobs we hate and at the end of the day,we wonder where the day went?

I always say to people that find themselves in such a predicaments to take risks and quit their job. Easier said than done right? When you have a family to feed and you the only one bringing the bacon home. Well that should be your recharge right there. Always remember you doing this for them because you love them dearly and you hope for a better future for them.

The reward is you being able to provide for them right? Even though sometimes that isn’t enough because your excitement gets cut short by that unexpected family crisis that rips through your monthly budget.

Well the trick is to be saddened by it and get over it as quick as you got over the excitement of being a provider.

See, we tend to indulge in depressing things more than we do with things that excites us and that’s human nature. Always remember you in the driving seat and you can change that.

Plan accordingly and things might just start to fall in place for you. You doing a crappy job you don’t like that’s eating off your leisure time. Well, take out a pen or a pencil draw up a schedule. That job task that’s taking you 6hrs try complete it in 4hrs and see the difference it makes.

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