Simple ways to boost your mood

Fact is we all know that we create our own happiness. Well honestly speaking sometimes happiness can be hard to come by especially with plenty of adversities we come across. So I’ve created a simple list of things to do to boost your mood. Hope this helps and you find yourself in a better place.

Do a good deed

People who volunteer are likelier to be happier than those who don’t, regardless of how much money they make or other socioeconomic factors. Pitching in for a regular cause in your community is ideal, but you can make a difference in other ways in mere minutes simply by signing up for a charity walk or feeding that homeless person by the traffic light. Researchers believe volunteering boosts happiness because it increases empathy, which makes you appreciate all the good stuff in your own life.


Whether be it with a family member, a neighbor or on social media socializing can really help improve your mood especially when you communicating with a cheerful person or someone who inspires you. Have get-togethers with friends or family and you will most definitely be happier.


Rest, peace, quiet, and solitude can also create joy. Some research suggests that we may have an inborn need to zone out once in a while. In an exploratory study, researchers observed three babies who turned away or blocked their eyes in response to overstimulation. Mothers who recognized this behavior and gave their children needed downtime had happier, easier babies. Give yourself a time-out during a hectic day: Push your chair away from your desk, kick up your feet, and close your eyes. Think about something that takes your mind off the daily grind, like fun plans for the weekend.

Put on a happy face.

There’s good evidence that just smiling and looking like you’re happy will make you sunnier. Studies show that even muscular changes in your face can elevate your happiness, as can good posture, says Lyubomirsky. Call it the blush effect: To apply blush to your cheekbones properly, you need to smile. Smiling works, she says, because “if you act like you’re a happier person, you can experience all these positive social consequences. You make more friends. People are nicer to you. And these things can have real consequences.” So put on that happy face and watch how you attract positivity.

Rethink splurging on material stuff

To get more happiness for your buck, splurge for experiences instead of stuff. Psychologist Miriam Tatzel, PhD, of Empire State College surveyed 329 shoppers and found that “experiencers”—consumers who spend money on a great meal out or a concert, for example—are happier than those who lavish their money on material goods such as clothes or jewelry. Added bonus: experiences allow you to spend quality time with family and friends; a new pair of shoes is a solo endeavor. Not to say buying that new diesel jean is a bad thing but try spending both on material things and experiences just don’t compromise on experiences. Rather compromise on material things than experiences.

Music and Comedy

Music and comedy can do wonders to your mood. Think about it…when going through a breakup what’s the first thing you turn to? Wait for it…music. Cue up that playlist that have your favorite jams. Go to the comedy laugh your worries away, be in the moment as my brother would always say to me. When stress builds up or you feel as though you may snap at any minute, make yourself giggle: Watch a funny video clip online, or stop by the office of a wisecracking pal for a quick chat. Also, keep an eye out for the unexpectedly silly side of daily life to combat negative thoughts.



Munch on nuts.

For a mood-lifting snack, stash walnuts in your desk drawer. Or sneak salmon into your salad for lunch. They’re both packed with omega-3 fats, which may make people less prone to depression, and easier to get along with, say researchers from the University of Pittsburgh. They measured the blood levels of omega-3 fats (a reliable indicator of consumption) of 106 healthy adults and gave them psychological tests. Those with the highest omega-3 blood levels scored 49 to 58% better on the tests than those with the lowest blood levels.


Exercise is vital to your well being. Physical activity stimulates various chemicals in the brain that leaves you feeling more happier and light. Your physical appearance improves, so does your confidence.



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