Wisdom Should be your wife

I am what I am because I care to be
I care to be, because I am free
I am free because I care about humanity
Man can be anything he chooses to be
God looked down and smiled and said Now that is pure honesty
You have the right to choose but choose wisely
Make wisdom your partner and carress her nightly
Let her stimulate your brain and strengthen your flesh
Find ways to navigate through her words because they always perplex
As complex as esoteric religion
As complex as they seem, they bring truth, truth wrapped in power, wisdom, hope, imagination, love and a future to save the nation
Love her accordingly and your world will most definitely become better
Respect, love, honor, truth, dependence and trust
Honor wisdom because she will take care of you. At times it may feel like she has abondoned you but believe you me once you have caught her attention she’s yours forever.

Wisdom should be your life partner and like any other relationship you need to maintain to keep her satisfied.

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Image Cred: Herb

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