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Hate, I can never relate to it

One of the many discussions I had with my brother is people hating on other people. I will never comprehend why people wish bad on others. Sure the person might have did you wrong but why waste your time and energy wishing bad for them.

Don’t get me wrong you don’t need to stay friends with people who hurt you all the time. All I’m saying is don’t waste your time wishing them evil. You know what the best revenge is– doing good on your behalf, focusing on your life and how to better it.

Many argue that time is a illusion but it is all we have in the present. It’s a precious gift and nothing hurts more than someone not treasuring what they have been given as a gift.

Hate will never make you grow. Instead it eats off you like worms disintegrating a dead body.

It gets worse, you find people hating on people they don’t even know because of the wealth they have acquired. Crazy, if you ask me.

So do yourself a favor and focus on you. How you can grow as an individual… The rest will fall into place.

Remember Ndoda can never relate to hate. The movement is about human advancement. We want you to find your place in society. If you see someone achieving don’t hate; ask how? Seek advice.

If someone does you wrong, go about it the right way to seek justice. Remember your time is precious.

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