What men think of makeup

Makeup makeup makeup, they always say diamonds are a girls best friend. I think it’s safe to say makeup too.

After all makeup takes care of you on your worst days and best days. Makeup magically gives you the instant glow to get anyone’s attention. The confidence it suddenly gives you women is remarkable, remember how you hardly smile when you have no makeup on because you think guys stare at you differently. How your insecurities seem to always get the best of you when you don’t have your makeup on.

Well honestly I don’t have a problem with makeup but I have a problem when you overdo it to the point where you look very synthetic. I hate plastics they destroy the earth. Ok hate is a strong word, I dislike plastic!

Some guy even commented to say; “take it easy ladies, it’s called a face not a coloring book.” Can’t credit him because I don’t even know who he is, all I know is that statement represents how majority of men feel.

If you wear makeup at least where it to your natural look. This article isn’t to bash you or pile on your insecurities.

So take it easy, always remember too much of anything is never good. Balance is needed in everything we do or else we end up falling of the scale.

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