Sex Before Marriage

Do men believe in such? Well… Honestly speaking I haven’t met a guy whose willing to wait that long to get the nukkie. I’ve spoken to many men and some do agree with it some are against it.

Note; Many who are for sex before marriage are non religious men.

Those who are against it mostly they base it on religious purposes, I would say about 70% of them.

I also found that even those who are religious just say they are against it to save face according to Psychology Today.

It’s hard for us men to wait that long. Remember not a day goes by without us thinking about the “deed.”

Times are changing and so is tradition. Sex before marriage isn’t being frowned upon like it used to be in the early 70s.

The cliche answer I always hear from men regarding the issue is and I quote; “I love to test drive the car before ownership of it.” If you a female reading this don’t take that statement personal, it’s just a metaphor. To me it honestly makes sense to have that mentality. Most men fear the marriage institution because of the high divorce rate. The last thing you need in this lifetime is to be with someone you not happy with.

I say whatever works best for you is the way to go. After all you both grown (assuming you don’t copulate with minors) and if you both agree then so be it.

Share your thoughts with us. Do you agree with my point of view?

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Image Cred: Coach Corey Wayne

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