Introduction to chess

One could say chess is a sport because of its competitiveness, one could say it is an art because of the beautiful setup and one could refer to it science because of the psychology and mind behind the Grandmaster. Basically chess is a two-player strategic game where one tries to overcome his/her opponent with the given 16 pieces.

A little history about chess:

Chess originated in India around the 7th century, it then transitioned to Europe ,where it made its first mark in Spain around the 15th century . The rules where finally standardised in the 19th century and the 1st ever World Champion Wilhelm Steinitz claimed the title in 1886.Since 1948 the World Championship matches have been controlled by FIDE an international governing body;the current World champion is 25 year old Norwegian Magnus Carlsen who sat on the throne since 2013,the chain is long from the 1st world champion to the current one.

Today over 600 million people play chess either as a hobby or profession both at amateur and professional level. And this sport has captured the hearts of many people. The reigning world champ Magnus Carlsen will defend his title against the 26 year old Russian Grandmaster Sergey Karjakin. The Carlsen – Karjakin 2016 World Chess Championship is going to take place in the city of New York.
The 12 round match will take place between 11-30 November and is expected to attract a global online and TV audience of more than 1 billion fans. The two Grandmasters will compete for a prize fund of at least 1 million euros ($1.1m).The match is set to be a thriller in the chess world and has attracted the likes of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Microsoft CEO Bill Gates.

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