Sex bucket list

Let’s face it sex is an important aspect in most relationship, hell it should be in any relationships. We have to keep things exciting all the time in-order not to get bored. So I have compiled a sex bucket list to help you keep things exciting.

Have sex on the beach

Whether be it at night or day time but I prefer it at night. There’s just something about the smell of the ocean, the sound of the waves, when you in it that makes you appreciate it more. Just make sure to bring a big enough towel to cover the sand from getting into your cracks and folds to avoid being uncomfortable.

Sex in the rain

It is true that when it rains most people instantly think of “shagging” but the thinking is always being indoors in bed, doing the deed then cuddling afterwards. How about doing the deed outside in the rain then coming inside afterwards to cuddle that’s if you love cuddling even so I’m sure your women loves cuddling so you have to keep her happy.

Sex in the car

Well honestly I don’t enjoy car sex that much. I think most people do it because they desperate. Must do is a blow job while driving. Just make sure you don’t crash that’s all I ask… Yep, some girls are that good.

Sex on a higher place with a view

If you aren’t scared of heights try having sex in a building that has amazing views of the city or even nature. Bend her over facing the view and hit it like there’s no tomorrow.

Sex in the movie theatre

I’m no novice to sex in a theatre and my advice to you if you don’t own a movie theatre is go on a Sunday and pick the most boring movie that you definitely know that plenty of people aren’t going to watch and make sure you choose the back row seats. Always make sure you take it nice and slow you don’t want to catch any attention.

Mile high-club

Personally I don’t find it interest but according to Psychology Today, this is on most people’s buck list. I hate having sex in the most tightest of cubicles… Plus I don’t own a private jet maybe I’d enjoy it more but be sure to try.


We live in the new age and most things aren’t being frowned upon. Look if you single I say go for it and if you in a relationship engage with your partner. Threesomes introduces you to a whole new world.

Role play

Open up your world of fantasy. Get your lady dressed in something sexy, get into character and give her the business. Some lady says she enjoys when her husband plays the stranger because she gets someone new all the time. Don’t be shy try it out.

Make sure to always be adventurous. Life is too short. If we missed anything please do let us know.

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