Recognition Double Egde Sword

No body works hard like somebody trying to be recognized by the higher authority in any organization they once said.

You work hard in hopes that the big man will recognize you one day and that your life would change for the better. See, what you don’t recognize is the “big man” do recognize you but the “big man” wants you to stay his servant because he’s then going to reap the benefits that God has bestowed on you and he/she now knows it’s easier to use/manipulate you.He will use you until you frail, pale, till your hair starts becoming grey. Then he will tell you good job because you did all the necessary hard work that needed to be done and you saved the company numerous times.

You later sit in your old age and question your decisions. You then have plenty of regrets. Why didn’t I do this? Why didn’t I start my own practice? Was I so desperate? Truth is you know you have the answer to those questions but by that time they will be irrelevant. Yes, you might have been desperate. Yes, you had the capacity to start your own practice but sometimes that’s not how it goes for most people. I hate it when I hear motivational speakers talk about quite your job right now and start your own business. Trust me it’s not easy and most people can testify. Some people love their jobs and enjoy the space they in. Yes, if you not satisfied with your job and the space you in then by all means do find something that will work for you. Like the Great Steve Jobs once said; “The only way to do great work is to find something you love and if you haven’t found it don’t settle.” and that’s exactly how it should be.

If you love what you do then recognition don’t matter, positions don’t matter, power don’t matter, you know it comes naturally because you going to excel. Most times we even tend to forget that you can make a great impact from the bottom. I know of a janitor who taught kids mathematics after school because. She did not do it in hopes to get recognition but she felt she needed to share her skills with these kids who were struggling. She was then officially employed as a math teacher. Don’t chase recognition, just do great work and all else will fall in place and even if it doesn’t because this is life at least you will know you played your part.

Remember recognition is poison. It’s easier for you to be manipulated if you too attached to being recognized, it’s easier for you to abandon your morals if you too attached to being recognized.

But then again recognition can be healthy. You recognize someone for even their existence they suddenly have this confidence about them. You recognize their hard work they work even harder.

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