How to know she’s the one

People are always concerned with being in a relationship with the “one” because honestly no one really wants to waste their time investing in someone whose simply not on the same wave as you relationship wise. People want someone that compliments or rather someone that makes them feel complete.

So here’s my list on most telling signs if she is the one.

Shared Interests

Man, what a better way to get along. You both into sports, you both like to read and go out. Shared interests=spending more time together and the better the feelings develop.

Traveling Together

If traveling with your partner always ends up in insane fights then you guys have serious problems. Traveling is very telling to whether will the relationship last or not.

Resolving Your Fights

Most people in relationship struggle to resolve their arguments because someway somehow foolish pride gets in the way. Trust me if you “big enough” to resolve your fights with your partner then you guys stand a huge change of getting to the finish line. Sometimes when you having arguments try talk a walk, cool off, and never let your pride get away and assuming it’s most man reading this always apologize even when you right. Sorry goes a long way and a gift maybe.

You can live together

Living together is surely one of the biggest struggles any relationship can face. Be ready for real responsibility. Prepare to be asked questions you felt aren’t even worthy for an answer like “why you never pull up the toilet seat when you use the toilet?” If you can overcome this test you surely might be meant to be together.

Girlfriend/Friend Balance

It’s hard to maintain a balance between your girlfriend and your friends. They all seem to need you at the same time. Your women wants you to stay in, it’s a Friday and you promised the gents you going out with them. What do you do? If you strike a balance and both parties are happy then surely you on the right path.

You have Awesome Sex

Whether be it makeup sex, morning sex, afternoon sex, night sex, drunk sex, fantasy sex, if the sex is good then it’s one of the signs you with the right person.

When you bond spiritually

I think bonding spiritually is the ultimate sign. If you get each other on a deeper level I think everything will fall into place. I would even say go as far as saying that’s how you know someone is you soul mate. They have a part of you and you have a part of them. Always spending time with that person isn’t a bore. The romantic side of you is always intact with her, you always see her in your future and you can’t imagine otherwise. You completely yourself around her. You feel growth every time you guys engage. Most of the time when not fighting you feel at peace, you draw your strength from them.

Remember that’s relationships are different and sometimes people are different but I hope you find this article useful.








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  1. Sonman

    I think you left out intelligence. If she can’t stimulate you mentally she isn’t worth it

    • Pro

      All the factors in the list covers the intelligence factor. You will find that intelligence plays a huge role in each factor just depends on how you look at it. Big ups for reading.

  2. Katleho


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