Deliver us from Eva

Fellas don’t you hate that one girl that cockblocks you all the time. Whether be it she’s interested in you or she’s being a good friend to her friend.

Eva is that one girl who doesn’t have a man and there’s plenty of reasons why she doesn’t have a man. It may be she’s ugly, she’s a bore, she’s controlling, too much of a feminist, hates man or just a plain b!@ch.

She always has an emergency and needs her friends every time we need to make love to our women.

Eva has full access to your life. It’s like your relationship is attached to her. Hell, to your women Eva is the most kind/loving person she’s ever known. Eva is her sister or Eva is like a sister to her.

Eva is always in your business and even stalks you from time to time.

Eva suggests to your women what kind of relationship she should have with you and sad part you can’t win with Eva.

Eva has the best interest at heart for your women but she knows nothing about drawing the line. She has no boundaries and always ends up in your territory uninvited.

Eva is evil but there’s hope fellas one day Eva will find love and all will change.

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Image Cred: Mocha Moguls

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