My Wife B!%ch Bad

My wife became what I am and I hate it. I hate this side of life or rather I hate sharing it with her.

My wife was a conservative preacher’s daughter and for years we led a simple life. Till one day a friend of mine came back to my life and reintroduced to the fun side of life depending on how you look at it.

We relived our youth by going to exclusive parties, I shagged the hottest girls in town because of my financial status. I was out more and less at home. I lived what many now call the hip hop culture.

The wife became very worried because I was sleeping less at home and honestly speaking I was disengage in my family life but I made sure that I’m always there for my kids when they needed me. I guess the only person that was suffering was the WIFE.

My wife wanted to see what I get up to so bad that she hired someone to spy on me. Her cop uncle… Sigh!

Eventually she found out what I was doing and instead of divorcing me she wanted in. Silly me I agreed and now my wife is now one of these Instagram models who go on trips and snaps half naked pics of herself to lure men and trust me she’s not doing it for the money. She’s now uncontrollable and a party animal.

I ask myself what have I done? Her family doesn’t know and you know the truth also catches up with you.

My wife is now what you call B!&ch bad and it sickens me to my stomach. I have no idea what to do and I’ve thought about involving her family but these are my issues and I hate involving them.

This lifestyle wasn’t meant for her neither me.

It’s tough and that’s my confession.







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