Let’s have a look at the meaning of ideology before we proceed.

A system of ideas and ideals, especially one which forms the basis of economic or political theory and policy.

So I ask myself can we ever overlook past our ideologies to reach a goal we set as communities or states. Maybe overlook is a wrong word to use but what I’m trying to ask is can we work toward actually realizing a united society that’s all about human advancement.

The answer is simple but the mission is a huge stretch. Yes, we can be a United society that’s all about human advancement. Truly speaking democracy is all about that. The problem is the people entrusted with the responsibility to ensure human advancement kicks in gear. Everyone seems so consumed by religion, race, politics, self advancement, power etc. that they get so corrupted that to them the next person is just a pawn in a chess game.

Not only the top guys, the middle guy also gave in because they comfortable leading a comfortable life.

The guy on the lower end, is so hungry that he will do anything to survive… I mean literally do anything.

I think as humans sometimes we like complicating things just to seem like intellects that are forward thinking.

Dont get me wrong I do not claim to have the answers but it’s clear that we going about this the wrong way. The current political situation in my country is a disaster to say the least. We have a great constitution but it means nothing if we do not live by it.

I follow the US presidential race and good lord what a disaster. Blantant lies, and promises that certainly can’t be kept.

I know for a fact that one day a new generation of thinkers will arise when much needed and bring about change that we so desperately need and that generation is Us or at least should begin with us.

Lets look past our differences and work on human advancement. My continent needs its badly.

Thats just my two cents and you can share yours with me in the comment section. Also on all our social media platforms.





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