Father Daughter Parenting Tips

A father plays a important role role in his daughter’s life and the relationship they share can determine if she will have friutful relationships in the future. Consistency plays a big role in ensuring your daughter grows up to becoming a great individual and you need to set an example.

Give Unconditional Love

More than anything else, your daughter needs your unconditional love. Give her love so that she doesn’t go out there seeking it from another male person. Be there for her when she needs you most, comfort her, wipe her tears, tuck her in at night, give her warm hugs, advice, tell her she’s special, protect her and show her you’d give your life for her… Literally!


One of the most important attributes your daughter should have for you and people. Your daughter will follow your rules and abide by your boundaries only if she respects you. Never force her to do anything through fear or intimidation. Let her know and show her you have her best interest at heart.

Offer Encouragement

Your encouragement will help develop confidence and adequacy. Let her know she’s beautiful and intelligent. Shine light on her internal qualities, not just physical appearance.

Speak Truth

Be honest with your daughter. Teach her to be honest with you at all times. Modern culture will tell her plenty of lies because they want to sell her stuff she definitely do not need. Teach her the truth, let her know she can be anything she wants to be. Teach her independence, through thought and actions, teach her to be free and strong.


Participate in her hobbies. Make it your mission to make time for her. Read books with her, play dolls, go shopping,sports, debate, whatever she enjoys, participate and be the learner or coach.

Be The Example

Show her how women should be treated by the way you treat your wife,mother, grandmother, sister, aunty or women in general because we know kids learn mostly from our actions.

Hope these tips help you become a better parent.

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  1. Paul

    Also known as Daddy issues. So pretty much, this will avert the daddy issue risk you say?

  2. Sonman

    Our daughters need unconditional love. I look at how my mother was raised. The love she received definitely made her not seek unwanted attention

    • Tlelima Mahabane Kobo

      100% and all we doing is urging men to be there for their families especially when they need them most

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