Life Lessons

Keep good, I demand GREAT

I’m tired of doing things just for the sake of doing it and them turning out to just to be okay or good… It depends on how you look at it.

As I get older I’m learning to not stretch myself too wide or else I’m going to end up worn out. One thing I learned is that I need to focus my energies on that one thing I do without much effort or that thing that comes naturally to me in a form of talent.

The more attention I give it the more it creates opportunities for me and where there’s opportunity there are great rewards to reap.

I’m tired of always doing things and they turn out just good. Good is practice and great is excellence.

Because of wanting to be great I found myself respecting people better than I have before.

Good is average and gives you a chance to be Great. So take that chance and aim for greatness.

Greatness will teach you to pay attention to detail, how to be a man of honor, how to love knowledge etc.

Good is good but aiming for greatness feels better.

Good will exercise your patient and aiming for greatness will give you patience.

Good will spend your money but greatness will spend your money and pay you back 10 fold.

Save your time and energies, aim for greatness.


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