Ways to boost your creativity

So one of my friends were asking me what tips can I give them to boost their creative process and I told them that I would share this process of mine with them. Sometimes I hit a serious writer’s block and have to redeem myself through this process I’m going to share with you. To be honest sometimes I just even let it be.

1. Remove the pressures

I know it might sound shallow but pretend as if you not under pressure to deliver. In that way you don’t overthink things and you make room for any insight that you always want to share with the world.

2. Learn to relax

Relaxation rejuvenates the mind and body. Guess what? Your creative juices then start to flow naturally. So run that bath tub or sit by the poolside and just breathe.

3. Write your ideas down

Nothing sucks like having a lightbulb moment then forgetting it later because you did not write it down. So always have your phone note pad ready and if you more traditional like me and enjoy the flow of using a pen and paper always have a small notebook with you and I mean always!

4. Eat well(healthy)

I can barely think on a empty stomach. I become this irritable person that can’t stand anything. Junk food can also make you feel like you carrying a truck and you become tired all the time, so try eat less junk food.

5. Music and Reading

I think without the two the list isn’t even worth making. I strive on the two. They give me perspective, both calm me, both expand my horizons and I always feel that there aren’t any limitations for you creativity. Both will unleash insight you never thought you would have.

6. Meditate

Seclude yourself and just meditate and be alone with your thoughts. Meditation helps you breath better. The more oxygen to the brain the better. The better you become at learning how to control your thoughts, emotions etc.

Be inspired by people/things around you

It is no secret that we all inspired by the things we see in life if you observant enough. Have conversations with people. Go to art exhibitions and so forth.

Those are the seven echnics I normally use to keep myself going creatively. Hope you find them useful and remember the trick is to always practice them, it can’t be a once off thing.

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