No Politics At this Table

See I was out with a group of friends having a “blast” as they would say. Drinks flowing, good food and great conversation.

We all come from different backgrounds as friends so we try  as hard as possible to learn about each other. So any topic goes. Topics such as; family, relationships, finance, values, hobbies, recent activities, work etc. Someway somehow in our discussion politics came up and political ideologies came forth. Now with ideologies comes differences and I know what you probably saying isn’t he the guy that always preaches to embrace our differences? Yes, I am that guy but politics is a different ball game. Political ideologies matter so much to people because it is a systematic approach on how we should live our lives. Whats morally right, What laws should govern us, how to lead our families, relations, race, cultures and so forth. It becomes so difficult to find common ground and whatever you do or say might offend the next person because we so different. Unlike when you just engaging on a friendship or mutual level. It’s not a surprise to me that secret societies members like Freemasons are not allowed to engage in politics with fellow brethren when in the lodge.

So while we were discussing politics things really got “heated” and some people felt really offended by others views and I would say way of thinking but thank goodness that we have reached that matured level that if we don’t agree we leave it at that. We agree-to-disagree.

So from here onward please lets leave politics out of it and let the good times roll as Ali Katt  famously said. Our night ended up with a “Blast” for lack of a better word.

Share your thoughts with us. What do you think, engaging in politics with friends when out having fun is it a good or a bad idea?








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