Queen of the week: Mallence Bart Williams

Mallence is a German Sierra-Leonean author, film maker and fashion designer. She is quite a globetrotter, she has lived in Paris, Singapore and the UK.

2011 she became head of the creative collective FOLORUNSHO with which she is redefining the term charity.

In January 2015 Mallence was part of the TEDX conference in Berlin. During her talk she strongly criticized the continuous destabilization of the African markets and the exploitation of the resources.I quote; “Fund raising campaigns with a clear marketing purpose showcasing a poor and helpless continent only reinforce this image and aren’t helping anyone.”

Her favorite quote is “It’s not about charity but sharity”. Sharing is more important in advancing human development especially in Africa. Here at Ndoda we share the same sentiments.

Keep shining queen and inspiring us!

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  1. Blee

    I’ve seen her Ted Talk at least 5 times and each time I watch it I swear I get goose bumps… powerful, so beautiful.

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