Dress Like a Distinguished Gentleman

Self image is an important aspect of our existence and research shows that men have better self image than women. According to research conducted by the Social Issues Research Centre , men look at themselves in the mirror and are satisfied with their image, and in most cases, tend to over estimate their attractiveness. Women on the other hand suffer from more insecurities, and half the women that look at themselves in the mirror, see a distorted image.

Modern Media does not help either, the standards of what constitute beauty have ever more increased and how we look is more so influenced by this. We have come to realise that how we look, makes it easy to relate to each other, get the attention we want and even assists in the clinching of that Job or Business Deal.

Now that we have the psychological stuff out of the way, I want to share a few tips of what a man should have in his closet to look refreshingly distinguished in his dress code. The concept of expensive looking; meaning expensive clothes, is not always correct. A wise sage once said “It’s not the clothes that make a man but his courage to reflect himself through them”.

Whether you shop at a discount store or a boutique, you will decide how you wear them rags…

Here are some quick infographs to assist in making your wardrobe a closet of the ultimate distinguished Gent:


And now for what colour suit goes with what colour per of kickers:


When you go shopping, ensure that you buy the correct fit for your shape. Remember, a  T-shirt and jeans can mean something totally different between men of all shapes and sizes but a fitted suit will always distinguish a classic man.


img_1494 img_1492


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Image Credit: AtlantaBlackStar | Source: RealMenRealStyle

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