The Sound You Make During Orgasm

What does the sound you make when you climax during sex say about you?

According to research by the University of Leeds in the UK, couples that make noise during sexual intercourse are deemed to be finding it more enjoyable, FUN, was the word used to be exact. That  I guess can be debatable and can depend on how you like your dish served. What I am most interested in is the sounds one makes during orgasm, especially Men.

Through out my years of discussing sexual expeditions with friends, we have always taken light of the moans and groans men make during sex, especially during climax. We have had a chuckle about the Ol’ Horse Sound, Haha, I can hear you laughing as you know what I am talking about, right? Well, the choking Cat or rather a Cat trying to cough out a hair ball sound; The spastic electric shock, the sound resulting from spilling by mistake. I can really just carry on. But, I am more intrigued to know what it all means about our characters. I am aware that people are different and these small mannerisms are but our unique encoding, but still, what influences these sounds?

More in-depth digging led me to a question asked by a self-proclaimed virgin, an online user named nsfwta9, who wanted know as much as possible about sexual intercourse before embarking on the venture itself thus he publicly asked on the Q&A platform Reddit:

What kind of noises do men make while having sex?

One answer from a  Skithy which garnered the most points as the most relevant answer from the users of the system went as follows:

“I was super quiet in my early relationships but I’ve learned that it feels so much better not to give a fuck, and just let whatever noises my body wants to make happen. I used to just kinda grunt like pooping, kinda “Hngh” and “Hfff” and whatnot. Now I’ll do everything from just heavy breathing to whiny higher moans, grunts, MNNNNNG… Kinda hard to describe in text, but you get the idea. When I come it’s more like “AHHHHNNN” and whatnot.

Apparently most dudes are super quiet and most girls find that super weird, so when I learned of that I decided to let myself go and just be noisy.”

Well, this still points to the the obvious, but my quest for a more scientific extrapolation of the facts will keep me digging and searching until one day I can conclusively say, this is the real reason.

Until such time, feel free to share with us you thoughts and comments or feel free to take the discussion to twitter.


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