Ode to a Little Star

So we have created a new category called Confessions. Basically under this category we publish anything about your confessions, YES, your confessions about anything relating to your life. We going to have a submission box under confessions and you can send us your confession and we promise to keep it anonymous, we won’t be able to even tell who submitted it. We hope you as a reader would find this sort of engagement useful, not only useful but a safe haven to spill out your thoughts. Don’t be shy and engage with us. Here at Ndoda we a BROTHERHOOD that cares and never judges.

This is the first confession we received;

I hope you see the aim of the paths. As much as they are destined and unavoidable. They are indeed complicated. More than we can fathom.

Though I find myself positioned and in a relationship with the sun, revolving around earth matrimoniously, destined to last for eons, yes I am the moon. From time to time asteroids and stars alike crash into me, hard! That impact can not go unnoticed, for it leaves a dent in my existence. I am thus disfigured with affection destined not by me but by the universe. For the path was unavoidable. A part of you is left with me and am left wondering what is this to be. Now we are here and it’s not clear but complicated for the sun completes me but you, yes you little star have excited me. My heart is heavy with fear of what will be of you, for I don’t know your journey but I can attest to your path cause you crashed into me. What will be of you little star. Please tell me cause I don’t know all the truth.

I can assume you have many other planets of-cause, you have crashed into. They may know your sense but I have felt your essence. So tell me little star, what is beyond this?
Photo Credit: NASA

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  1. Pro

    great piece. detailed to the core. i felt my mind travel through the universe for a sec there and actually reminded me of someone i came across too, pity our journey ended

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