Are men working hard to sleep with beautiful women

It is known that we as men enjoy the finer things in life. We work hard and we even play harder. We always believe with hard-work should come good quality of life and by that I mean being able to provide for your family, enjoying leisure activities etc.

I was on twitter the other day and came across a tweet that suggested men are working hard to sleep with beautiful women. These women are normally of a higher class (I use the term higher class in terms of material gain) and in order for you to even have a conversation with them you need to be paid.

We see these beautiful women I am referring to on most social media platforms posting very suggestive images and video clips. From a men’s point of view it is very hard to turn a blind eye to such whether be it you in a relationship or not. Twerk phenomena is on a steady rise, men enjoy it very much and it is very addictive.

Most men find themselves making social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, twitter, and snapchat as part of their daily routine just to “check” these women out. These women know exactly what men demand hence why they have such a huge following and they meet that demand with suggestive imagery and video clips.

It is well known that everything starts as a thought then it graduates to a image/vision from that it has to turn to something tangible. So most men find themselves having these fantasies and these women suggest they can meet these fantasies- then guess what happens? yep, you right the flesh gives in. Remember these women come at a price right? you name it, jimmy choo, chanel, gucci, prada, exotic islands etc. If you can’t afford that lifestyle then you have to work harder.

So I agree with the tweet that men are working hard to sleep with beautiful women.I know the word “beauty” has many connotations to it but you and I know exactly what I’m talking about.

Whether it’s a good thing or not will depend on what one wants in life. So I can’t say it is a good thing or not because like I’ve said people are different. We have different goals, aspirations, dreams and achievements. I would say whatever makes you achieve so be it but be very careful that it doesn’t affect you negatively in the long run, doesn’t affect your well being and relationships.

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