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Money to burn: Audemars Piquet Royal Oak Chronograph men’s watch

Talk about technological excellence meeting groundbreaking design. This is a statement time piece one must have if they can afford.

It begs for anyone’s attention in a very modest way and trust me you will get that undivided attention in that board meeting, catching up with the boys at the bar/restaurant.

THE ROYAL OAK concept is where ultra-modern technical precision meets cutting-edge micro-mechanics to create perfect harmony between case and movement according to AP.

Attention to detail is paid in its design with revolutionary aesthetic lines found through the chronograph collection.


The ultra-Mordern “engine room” seamlessly integrated within its chassis with its techy aesthetic perfectly complements and show cases the exposed micro-mechanics.

Overall great time piece to have, not only will it stroke your ego but it genuinely make you look good or rather compliment your look.






Image Cred: IG

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