Do This Everyday to Get A SixPack

That’s if you want one. I guess it also depends how you feel in your natural suite. For a middle aged guy like me, I went through stages where a six-pack was important at one stage or the other. Once, when I was single and working out like a gorilla in the gym and at times when I felt my brother in-law was ripped so why can’t I be? Well, the truth is, you decide why a six-pack is important to you. The older I become, I am realising that the bigger the belly gets, the more prone I become to life threatening illnesses like diabetes and heart issues. I have decided enough is enough and I am on a quest to kill the belly or at least achieve flat tummy status… and I hope you walk this journey with me.

I have given myself 30 days to form the habit of doing a routined exercise regiment. I believe if I can crack 30 days, then it would come natural to me to integrate exercise  in to my daily life. I scoured the web to find the easiest ( excuses already right? at least we starting somewhere) training programs  to kill this beer belly, I could do even when lying in bed. And why in bed? I mean it must be that effortless. This new regiment will be for the the next 30 days and there after I intend to do it everyday for the rest of my life. I will share with you before and after pics once I reach the 30 days mark. And, ITS ON!

Here is my every morning regiment before I take a shower; I do 50 reps of the following:

Crunch: This is for top abdominal muscles

I lift my legs in the air whilst lying down and crunch with the legs still in the air for 50 reps.

Oblique Crunches: Side Obliques

According to research, crunches and sit ups alone are not enough to strengthen your core, so your side obliques are important to give that “V” shape to your belly.

Leg Raises: Lower abdominals muscles

This I must say has been the most difficult of the program, even though I only have to do 50 reps. I guess the tyre I have been carrying around my waist for all these years has really created comfort for my weak core.

Pushups: Overall upper body and arm strength

Finally, the ordinary push.

I got his belly program from this guy, I sure think he is crazy ripped:

I will explore the next step of shedding the body fat by looking at meal plans or detoxing supplements but this a discussion for another time.


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