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My Ride: BMW 420i – Ludwe Tshotsho

We recently did an interview with Ludwe Tshotsho after he purchased a 2016 BMW 420i. We wanted to find out more about the man behind the car and what made him choose the 420i. Here’s how the interview went;

Tell us a little about yourself, where you from,what you do for a living,your hobbies and are you a car enthusiast?

I am originally from the Eastern Cape, Butterworth to be specific, I grew up in East London and Port Elizabeth. I am a Digital Key Accounts Manager, and very passionate about the tech space especially Media technology. My hobbies are building media tech systems to help business in the space to be more efficient in their respective businesses. Besides that I enjoy watching football and playing the odd game of tennis.

 I am a car enthusiast, it’s something I grew up with I have always a had love for cars. I collect videos and clips of the newest and best cars on the market. My dream car at the moment is a Porsche 911 Targa.

What made you specifically buy the BMW 420i ?

It’s a sexy car. In its class there is very little that can compete with it, the C-Class Coupe has its pros and the new Audi A5 but ultimately I loved this car more.

 How are you receiving the car so far, exactly what you expected ? 

 Its everything a more, BMW really lives their brand message of “Sheer driving pleasure”


Any Pros and Cons on the model you chose ? 

 The cons are the power output, currently the range topping M4 is 317 KW, for those with a little extra in the bank, and that’s a beast of a machine. The pros are the drive and the looks of the car. The technology is also a definite.

 When buying a car what do you look for in a car ? 

Something that will make me feel special because its something you live with every day, and the BMW ticks that box, also is value. Is it something I would still buy in two years. But I guess the most important is probably irrational and that is how you feel when you drive it and see it, its like love in many ways inexplicable but when you know you know.

 What’s the top speed you’ve driven this car and what was the experience like ?

 I keep within the limit (that’s the official statement) unofficially about 250km, it was breath-taking.

Any tip or advice you would give to anyone looking to buy a car in the near future ?‎

Buy something you want don’t settle its not asset its rewarding yourself presents are meant to be special. Also do your research compare prices and specifications. I spent 6 months researching before I decided on this car.

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  1. Brenden

    It’s a sexy car. In its class there is very little that can compete with it-totally true

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