A Man’s Heart His Truest Wealth

Ever wonder what the phrase, “Home is where the heart is” means? Well, I guess as a man, the home you build for you and your family will always be the pinnacle of your heart. If one had to jot down a list of a man’s desires in life, without a flicker of doubt, a home, house, property or whatever its referred to these days, will be on that list if not on top.

Of most assets a man can acquire, a property seems to be the most sort after and economically sustainable. I once watched a movie where a financial advisor tells one of his rich star clients to “never pay cash for anything that he drives, floats, flies or Fu@#*.” to spare you the agony of profanity. But if you consider the reality, thats exactly the order of true wealth and thus co-insides  with the laws of economics a.k.a the management of scarce resources…

We as men, especially “some” black men, are so invested in the now and stroking our egos to a point of destruction. Economically that is! We are so focused on keeping up appearances, more like working hard to look economically successful than actually being successful. The saddest truth is that compared to our counterparts, we are yet to live in the true sense of wealth. Of course this is not a blanket on all “Black men” but compared to other races, one is tempted to say the majority. We grow up seeing our fathers do everything in their power to build first, a house for his family then nurture that into a home. But ever wonder why acquiring a property is more difficult than acquiring any other financed object; more especially a motor vehicle? It is easier to get financed for a vehicle worth half a million than a property of the same value.

Another interesting aspect is the definition of the term most utilised to define the finance type of property, Mortgage. Unwhittling curiosity of the reasons behind this matter led to researching the definition of the term Mortgage, which got me thinking about the value put one’s current life and ability to afford and repay this type of loan. Mortgage according to Google Definitions, originates from a latin word, Mortuus, which translates to dead and combined with the word Gage which originates from Old French meaning, Pledge thus when combined is Dead Pledge. What the? I swear I heard your mind scream. Well, it appears this is a “till death” type of  contract. Hence your ability to afford it and pay it off is so important to financial institutions. That explains why beyond interest rates and prime computations, property holds so much value. There are also other factors, but it appears a systematic and sentimental one plays a great role on the price property holds. Makes sense why man will slave away to secure this future slash shelter for his family and also why men become rich or suffer through laborious debts because of this one important aspect of our lives.

In closing, I am left to wonder if my heart is my truest wealth for the sake of it being content to achieve its desires or is it really my truest wealth if kept away from matters that will eventually cause it to fail?


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Image Credit: NCSU Libraries

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  1. Andrew

    Difficult questing you posing there but many should REFLECT

  2. Robert

    Your heart is your truest wealth. Read this article while driving to church. If your heart is not in it then I don’t think you can achieve anything.

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