Gentlemen’s Club Therapy

Why do men go to strip clubs?

Having conversations with friends(mostly female friends) many assume that men go to strip clubs to purely get laid. Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying this never happens, sometimes it does happen. Different types of men go to strip clubs, from doctors,politicians,pastors,entertainers to those who are unemployed.

See a dancer(stripper) functions as a cheap-sometimes expensive therapist with less clothing-sometimes nothing at all. Gentlemen’s club patrons sometimes just need someone to talk to – someone who won’t judge them. Someone who can help them ease their mind. That someone happens to be a beautiful sexy female with less clothing, sometimes to no clothing at all. See all men are different and they go to strip clubs for different reasons.

There are single and married men who would pay to meet women because there aren’t any strings attached. Before we could even judge we need to understand the men psyche, and also understand that this doesn’t make them bad people. See men are problem solvers by nature, so most of the time when he has a problem he won’t tell his wife, or let his wife solve the problem. Problem solving takes time, with that being said a man would rather blow off steam at a strip club because dancers ease the pressure, they listen, they might even offer more in most cases.

Some men genuinely enjoy the shows. A good show equals being there until the place closes.

Then there are guys who go to strip clubs because they have fetishes. See the wife at home is conservative to a point that anything out of her norm she will not try or participate in. In return this drives her husband “nuts”. So he ends up going to a strip club to get what he wants with no strings attached because he loves his wife and doesn’t want to leave her for someone else.

Then you get those who just tag along when the guys go out. They wouldn’t necessarily go to a strip club on their own. They feel they never want to be left out when the guys have conversations of what happened the night before.

Instead of judging in my opinion women should try see things in a men’s perspective and in return men should do the same but since here at Ndoda we are men we going to be biased and side more with men. I know of women who let their partners go to strip clubs because they secure in their relationship, some women even tag along.

With that being said; also the twerk phenomena has helped strip clubs see much growth in patrons.
Society is slowly becoming more liberal and traditional values that were once frowned upon are becoming acceptable.

Maybe your partner doing private shows for you is even much better. There are different dynamics to relationships and I think most couples don’t really talk about their inner desires, they just assume certain things or they try study your behavioral patterns and end up making wrong assumptions about their partners.

This is a very complex subject to touch on but I feel we shouldn’t dehumanize people who go to strip clubs and Im also not saying that every person that goes to strip clubs are good people. We know all sorts of people go there from gangsters to doctors. Just like any supermarket or nightclub.

From having conversations with friends and strangers I understand that men enjoy strip clubs very much and find them very therapeutic.



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  1. Dieketseng

    I think that is just an excuse

  2. Thando


  3. simlindile

    men will always have it their way… hey

  4. Katleho

    I get what u getting at

  5. Cooper

    actually almost everything we do in life is off excuses, formally know as motivation or stimulation to do something. it just happen that we men find one of our ways to ease out stress to be strip clubs/office… lol guess we always have our ways

  6. Eli

    Your point is well taken, with a caution: that it’s tough
    to actually measure certain anonymous customers’ payments too Wikipedia.

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