Modern Man’s Survival Skills

1. Know how to cook
Food is important to keep you going. So knowing how to whip something together is vital to ones health and can score you huge points with the ladies.

2. Know how to iron
This is important to boost your image. Remember you look good you feel good. You don’t want to be showing up at meetings with wrinkled clothes.

3. Know how to drive and parallel park a vehicle
We all can’t afford drivers right? So knowing how to drive is essential to ones success. Getting to meetings and squeezing into those tiny parking spaces so that you don’t get late for a meeting. Picking up women. All the works

4. Know how to change a car tyre
Don’t rely on other man or AAA to help you out with a flat tyre. Learn how to jack up a car and get to work. Always keep a tyre Jack, a wrench, spare tyre, tyre blocks, tyre gauge and a flash light in case you need to do this at night.

5. Give Good massages
This is a must have skill set. Women will respect you. This is how you show off your tender side. Your women had a long day at work, no problem just have her in a comfortable position and get to work.

6. Know how to Get the bartenders attention
Know how to get the bartenders attention without yelling from the bottom of your lungs. Be cool, use hand signals, speak louder without yelling in his face. Know what you want and be quick. Remember you not the only one he has to help unless the place is not crowded.

7. Know how to sew
Sewing isn’t just for women these days and you don’t need to know how to operate a sewing machine to do basic repairs. Knowing how to sew comes in handy when you shirt slightly tears, that’s button pops off or your jeans rip.


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  1. Rakim

    Totally agree

  2. katleho

    the sewing part i neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed to work on it.i totally cannot

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