Managing Armpit Sweat

Perspiration is the ultimate essence of man, that’s if you look at it from a biological perspective. These natural smells, which differ from person, become more elaborate during those hot  or humid times where deodorants and antiperspirants just don’t work. You find yourself in a meeting, an interview or even a date and boy, are you afraid to take off your jacket because of those sometimes “yellow” stains on your shirt. A real embarrassment it can be!

The biology behind body odour is not that simple, however it’s partially based on a gland family, 3 to be exact, that contributes to the odour we smell. Sweat glands being the first, exist all over our body and are active when we are over worked, exercise or when we feel anxious. Sebaceous glands, which are found throughout the body, only start producing liquid during puberty.Apocrine glands, which are located mainly under our armpits and pubic regions, also start kicking into gear during adolescence and they are the most responsible for the serious stinky stank, and am sure you have smelled those teenagers…

Steroids in apocrine secretions, especially the ones that come from the armpit, are some of the biggest culprits behind adult body odour but apparently these secretions don’t actually smell. Sweat, sebaceous, and apocrine glands secrete volatile organic compounds, and odours arise when these volatile organic compounds interact with bacteria on the skin, in hair follicles, and in the mouth. What!!!

So, having said that and now knowing that what happens on our skin is what’s causing our worst smells. Deodorant only works on the smell and  antiperspirants combat wetness, but any effective antiperspirant contains aluminium salt. And that’s the chemical that causes the gunky, yellow stains on your light-colored shirts, but there are some good news; we are here  to share some tricks to fight body odour, as it was declared fool-proof by our friends over at Valet Magazine, who took this solution out on a test run for a few weeks:

1.Apply an antiperspirant before going to bed: 

The reason some guys feel antiperspirants don’t work is because when it’s applied in the morning, when your sweat volume is higher than it is at night, your sweat actually washes off the antiperspirant before it can work. But when it’s applied before bed, you give the active ingredient, aluminium chloride, ample time to work its way into the skin and down to your sweat ducts. By the time you wake up, it’s fully absorbed and you can rinse off any leftover residue in the shower, keeping your shirts clean and your pits dry. Since you’re not using this as a deodorant, look for the unscented variety.

2.In the morning, apply a standard deodorant:

Because your underarms will remain relatively dry, you don’t need a heavy duty deodorant, but we still recommend swiping something on before leaving the house to keep your pits as fresh as possible. You should also switch up your brands now and again when choosing deodorant. Just like with shampoo, your body adjusts to various chemical formulas, so over time, they become less effective. Swap your standard choice for a new formulation. Then in a few months, switch back to your old standby and it should work even better.

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