African Queenism the New It

Modern television, social media and the digital age as it seems, have to date perpetuated niche belief systems into the mainstream. More so, trends finding their way quicker than ever before. I recall when the African buttocks, posterior if you will , were a niche admiration of the few and being skinny and almost skeletal was considered the beauty, more so in the western and eastern societies. Clothing and fashion also perpetuated the same sentiment, bringing to the world skinny models and the problems that followed with it to society such illnesses as anorexia and bulimia.

Well, that is still a reality but times have changed. The infatuation of the “Booty”, more so the “Big Booty”, has become a global phenomenon with those who don’t have; taking their short comings to plastic surgeons and aestheticians  to reconfigure what they were born with, by enhancing their bodies to a desired look. Fake booty and boobs have thus spawn a wave and industry worth billions…

The kim Kardashian’s and Nikki Minaj’s of this world, not forgetting the strippers… have made big butts cool again and the twerk phenomenon only put a cherry on that ish!

Here at Ndoda Magazine, we want to celebrate what we have always been blessed with; the African Physique that is! The aim not being to objectify or to belittle; but to celebrate, admire, applaud and most of all appreciate what has been in our backyards since the beginning.

A big shout out to Instagram #AfricanQueen Bendalo Dolly @bendalo90.

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